BrightInfo Vs. Popups

Popups are a one-trick pony.
BrightInfo converts through Personalized Content Recommendations.


Popups are a one-trick pony.
BrightInfo converts through Personalized Content Recommendations.

Use popups when:

you have a single message you want to communicate.

Use BrightInfo when:

you have various messages you want to communicate to different segments of your audience.

The algorithm that powers BrightInfo:

Reads the site’s content and understands it Analyzes anonymous visitors' behavior to identify their needs Recommends each visitor the most relevant content

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Personalized Content Marketing
A personalized content recommendation is worth a thousand words...

3 Things About Personalized Content Recommendations

They are unobtrusive in appearance and timing, seamlessly integrated into the natural browsing flow.

They actually improve the user experience, creating a dynamic & engaging website visit.

They increase time on site, deepen engagement and boost on-site conversion rate.

Looking Down the Funnel

Do popups increase conversions?
They probably do.
But when you use popups you sacrifice you website visitors' experience for the sake of conversions.

We have not only you in mind, but also your audience.

And when you put conversion in context, framing it as a recommendation rather than a trap you'll notice the difference down the funnel.

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