What if you present the most relevant content to every visitor, every time?

Spoiler alert: It will increase your conversion rate by up to 230%.


Understanding Your Content

BrightInfo’s self-learning algorithm scans your website and performs a semantic analysis of all pages and content assets.

Profiling Your Audience

Visitor data such as demographic attributes, browsing patterns, and mouse movements is being logged and analyzed.

Personalizing in Real Time

The most relevant content for each visitor is considered in real time and recommended along the visitor’s natural navigation path.

230% More Leads

BrightInfo is a personalization algorithm for content recommendations. It makes use of all of your existing content to engage anonymous website visitors. It serves the most relevant content during the natural browsing flow through a set of dynamic widgets. It is fully automated. It dramatically increases engagement and conversion rates (dramatic = more than double.)

Personalized Content Marketing

Wicked Widgets

BrightInfo offers various types of customizable and responsive widgets, to fit your website in the best possible way.

Overlay Widgets: unobtrusive and strategic, appear during the natural browsing flow to solicit pointed engagement from visitors; scroll, entrance, exit and more.

In-Page Widgets: seamlessly integrated into your website’s interface, visible to visitors at all time.

AI-Based Algorithm

The BrightInfo algorithm self-learns your content assets on the one hand, and your website visitors on the other. Then, in real time, it matches between the two by recommending the most relevant content, at the most suitable time during the natural browsing flow.

What’s more, it gets better with time. The more content and visitors it is exposed to, the more proficient it becomes in recommending the right content, at the right time.

Analytics & Insights

100% Content Analytics

One-of-a-kind opportunity to see your content through your audience’s eyes. The Control Console breaks down your content performance; what are your top performing pieces, the most engaging, and those that need improvement. It enables you to draw valuable insights and refine your content so you constantly achieve better and better results.

The best part is: you are using 100% of your content assets. Nothing goes to waste. Your content shelf life just got extended, indefinitely.

Advanced Targeting

BrightInfo is fully automated. Still, it allows you full control when you need to step in. You can apply manual targeting to push specific marketing activities, promotions, etc. You can also create custom campaigns leveraging BrightInfo’s advanced targeting capabilities, such as:

New / Returning Anonymous Visitor

Existing Leads (Nurturing)

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Target specific pages

Trigger offers according to UTM Parameters


Device (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Content Keywords

Built-in Integrations

“We grew our premium content revenue by 292%”

Brian Rice, Co-founder & President, Businees2Community

“Our lead generation grew by 95%”

Cynthia Stephens, VP global Marketing, Profitero

Ongoing A/B Testing

At BrightInfo we put our value where our algorithm is. We offer ongoing A/B testing, during free trial and beyond, to demonstrate the consistent value we bring to our customers; we don’t believe in promises, we are after real, tangible value.

Going A/B all the time makes sense for us, and for our customers, as it eliminates any uncertainty regarding the ROI of using BrightInfo. Some companies use slogans, we let the data do the talking.

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