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Layers of personalization

The Power of Automation

There's a wide range of personalization tools & solutions out there. All, are rule based. They require an enormous amount of manual effort to provide a personalized experience to visitors; it's close to impossible to get real value out of them and achieve substantial impact on conversion rates.

Still, Amazon eBay and Target manage to produce tangible value from personalization, a.k.a., increase sales. How? By automating the process of personalization. You know what we are going to say now. BrightInfo brings the power of automated personalization – a standard in eCommerce – to content-based websites.

Personalization vs segmentation solution

Setting a new conversion rate standard

Segmenting your audience and content and then manually matching them to one another takes forever. Next week it will take forever again. And next month too. Because you know, stuff happens, things change.

BrightInfo, as opposed to personalization tools that incur more work, is hands-free. 24/7, fully automated personalization engine. It reacts and adapts to any shift in visitors' interests and behavior, continuously optimizing its engagement performance to deliver disruptive conversion rates. That's how personalization should work.

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