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Forrester webinar recognizes BrightInfo together with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Adobe and Salesforce

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seculert logo"30% increase in conversions and the BrightInfo analytics were picked up by our HubSpot system seamlessly…and it took less than 20 minutes of work"

Debbie Cohen-Abravanel, Seculert VP Online Marketing Read More!

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I’m very happy with the 24% increase in leads and the substantial increase in content marketing ROI

Tanya White, Vice President Marketing @ Virtual Bridges

BrightInfo compliments my Marketo, Insightera and Salesforce. It generates for us a 15% uplift in leads without any effort on our part

Hadar Eshel, VP Sales and Marketing @ GreenSQL

30% increase in conversions and the BrightInfo analytics were picked up by our HubSpot system seamlessly…and it took less than 20 minutes of work

Debbie Cohen-Abravanel, VP Online Marketing @ Seculert

BrightInfo is so easy to use. Any company with a lot of content will immediately benefit from this simple yet sophisticated tool.

Adam Barker, Senior Inbound Marketing Manager @ SmartBear Software

Content marketing is a cornerstone of our strategy. BrightInfo doubled content views on our site and prompted an immediate increase in incoming leads.

Ran Gishri, VP Marketing @ Leadspace

SMBs are spending more time and money creating digital content, and maximizing the value of this content is critical. BrightInfo gives SMBs an easy, affordable way to increase consumption of their digital content and turn more of their website visitors into leads.

Laurie McCabe, Partner @ SMB Group

We’re seeing 30% more form completions so far - some visitors even complete multiple forms because BrightInfo keeps pulling them back in for more content.

Heather Moses, VP Marketing @ XebiaLabs

In minutes BrightInfo was generating more leads for me. Practically no setup and zero ongoing administration

Scott Danish, President @ BayCreative

With BrightInfo's widget, we've seen about 25% more content consumption and engagement. Now, we're launching it on our blog too, to draw readers into our site content.

Gabby Nizri, Founder & CEO @ Ayehu

BrightInfo quickly boosted our leads by 19% and increased content interaction. We just added their code, and the rest was automatic.

Daniel Kushner, VP Marketing @ Nolio

We need visitors to find our most valuable assets quickly... and BrightInfo makes that happen. Easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to see the benefits.

Roger A. Katz, Content Marketing Manager @ Entuity

This is really a cool way to match content to each of our visitors - we're presenting a better experience with pretty much no effort on our part.

Darren Wilson, President @ AccuCore

BrightInfo displays personalized content recommendations to your B2B website visitors. From your white papers to webinars, recommendations are automatically tailored to each visitor’s interests, resulting in higher engagement and up to 83% more leads. Learn more

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