The Self-Learning Algorithm That Doubles Conversion Rates

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Personalization in Real Time

BrightInfo's algorithm learns your website content and analyzes visitor behavior, then matches them in real time.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Get more anonymous visitors convert into leads and keep them engaged during all the lead's life cycle using highly relevant content.

Analytics & Insights

View a detailed analytics breakdown by content offer, conversion type, widget and more, and get recommendations for improvement.

Boost Engagement & Conversion Rates

Real Time Personalization Engine

BrightInfo's self-learning JARGON™ algorithm analyzes your website pages and learns your content assets. When visitors arrive to your website, JARGON™ tracks individual behavior, considers it against crowd behavior, and presents each visitor with the most relevant content from your existing content pool - all in real time, all fully automated.

Analytics & Insights

BrightInfo is always getting better in engaging and converting more visitors. As its algorithm is being exposed to larger audiences and you add more content to your website it's able to profile visitors in an higher granularity and measure the performance of different content suggestions. It continuously runs an automated optimization process. All these insights are available for you in BrightInfo's management console with analysis and recommendations.

Personalization vs segmentation solution

Plug. Engage. Convert.

Add just a single line of code to your website and we’re good to go. BrightInfo will automatically start analyzing your content and profiling your website visitors. Once ready, BrightInfo will start serving personalized, highly targeted, content suggestions that dramatically boost your website’s engagement and conversion rates.

Personalized Content Marketing

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"We grew our premium content revenue by 292%"

Brian Rice, Co-founder & President, Business2Community

"Our lead generation grew by 95%"

Cynthia Stephens, VP Global Marketing, Profitero

"I recommend BrightInfo for every content marketing organization"

Nimmy Reichenberg, VP Marketing and Strategy, AlgoSec

We not only offer a free trial but also run it in an A/B test mode, with and without BrightInfo, so you could see already during the trial period the boost it’s going to bring to your sales funnel.

Personalized Content Marketing


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