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Inbound Agency Imagine Accelerates Customer Results with BrightInfo - Grows Content Marketing Conversions 49%
Imagine Business Development is an inbound marketing agency catering to a wide range of small to midsize businesses, enabling them to multiply their lead generation results. Imagines’ team is always on the lookout for inbound marketing solutions
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Growing Content Marketing Conversions by 30% Within 4 Weeks
Q&A with Profitero’s Cynthia Stephens
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We selected Brightinfo to help grow inbound lead gen because of how easy the platform was to set up and manage.
While traffic to the BitSight website had grown tremendously since its founding, increasing traffic in 2016 by 166% over 2015, the team wanted to focus on increasing the number of visitors who would convert through their resource center.
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The number of people coming directly from online and signing up without ever speaking to anyone has skyrocketed.
ILP (International Language Programs) is a non-profit organization that provides college-age individuals from the US the opportunity to volunteer abroad for a duration of a semester, teaching English to underprivileged children.
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We had high volume traffic to our website, but very few visited the blog, and even fewer converted.
Rhode Island Student Loan Authority. A non-profit state-based education financing lender. Their core business revolves around providing education loans to students and parents in need of assistance paying for college.
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